First Reno Room Transformation

Happy new year! During the Christmas lull we found time to finish off some smaller details at the reno house. You can read the background story of this renovation project here. I thought I’d start 2020 off with a room transformation now that one or two rooms are more or less complete!

Let me take you back…

As well as being my parents home, the front of the property hosts our family business piano school. Here is one of our teaching rooms looking a bit of a mess, everything is piled up as this was pictured a week or so after the flood (burst pipes) occurred…

GP Room before

GP Room before 3

GP Room before 2

It is difficult to see the water damage here as the water had already absorbed into the floor and into the plaster of the walls. The very humid atmosphere sadly ruined our lovely white grand piano which we lost as a result. The floors had to come up, the walls needed to be dried out and re plastered, the ceiling also needed to come down! Also as the house is an old property, there was also a lot of work to be done to ensure things now complied with todays building regulations.

During…things got messy! It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel at the point…

GP Room During 2

GP Room During 1

The wooden floor beams were rotting as they had absorbed so much water, it all needed to go and new foundations had to be laid. This was a huge job. Then the new concrete floors could be poured, and the ceiling replaced. At this stage the electrics were re wired so we could add spots for better lighting and extra insulation was added to the outside wall. We wanted to keep the original picture rail but some of it was damaged during the heavy work so these parts were removed and we had some made to match. Finally the walls and ceiling was plastered and everything white washed.

GP Room During 3

Then for the fun part! While all the messy work was being done I was getting on with the design decisions. This was my initial concept board for the room…

Grand Piano Room

A wide cornice and large ornate ceiling rose would tie in perfectly with the period features of the house.

GP Room During 5

GP Room During 6

But we added a little modern twist!

GP Room During 7

GP Room During 8

It really started to come together when the colour went on the walls. I love how this shade adds depth and warmth but the high ceilings and natural light keeps it feeling fresh and modern.

We didn’t have the funds to replace the large fireplace. As much as we liked how solid and substantial it felt, it really looked out of date. So we decided to give it a makeover. After a lot of research I was so happy to discover Stonelux Paints who kindly agreed to collaborate with me on this project; we weren’t left disappointed! I won’t go into the details now as there is a whole designated blog post on the fireplace transformation here.

GP Room During 9

The carpet was laid, the new pianos arrived and final details were added. I created some abstract artwork using the paint samples we had left over along with some gold leaf and was really pleased with how it turned out!

GP Room During 10

We ordered some gorgeous fabric and my mother (who is amazing with the sewing machine) stitched them up into beautiful floor length curtains.

Are you ready for the final result?…

GP Room 7

GP Room 1

GP Room 14

GP Room 9

GP Room 5

GP Room 12

GP Room 4

GP Room 10

GP Room 3

GP Room 15

I feel so lucky to have such a lovely space in which to teach my students each day; they love it too! After the awful situation of the flood it’s so rewarding to see a vision finally come to life 🙂

Rebecca x


Product List

Ceiling Rose – Copley Coving ‘Laura’

Ceiling Light – Matalan

Coving – Copley Coving ‘Cassandra’

Wall paint – Deluxe Trade ‘Dusted Moss 2’

Fireplace Makeover – Stonelux Paints

Sideboard – Ikea ‘Besta’

Curtains – Terrys Fabrics, Ellipse Curtain Fabric ‘Graphite’

Pianos – Coach House Pianos

Carpet – Heathertwist Elite 50oz ‘Soft Stone’

Accessories – previously owned

Artwork – DIY




2 Replies to “First Reno Room Transformation”

  1. What a beautiful transformation. You’ve definitely turned it from a nightmare situation to an absolute dream! I hope now you look at it with pride and the original dread and upset has faded away. I love the old features with a modern twist everything complements each other beautifully. Well done! Xx


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