The Renovation Story

If you’ve been following me over on Instagram you will know that over the past months I have been working on a very big renovation project.

Was this project planned? No. Was it a house I’ve always dreamed of renovating? Absolutely yes!

The property is my parents home, the home I grew up in. I’ve had a bit of a love affair with our family home, and if you’re here reading my blog I’m assuming you’re the kind of person who believes a house is much more than bricks and mortar too. My parents moved in when I was 2 years old, so it’s the only family home I can remember. It’s a large property that they chose to be their forever home and it would also accommodate my mother’s piano school that was doing so well. When it came to university I chose to commute from home as I could start teaching more seriously and pay my way. When I finished university I had enough students to keep working and build up my own timetable. The home also became my income. My Dad has always joked I would never move out, and even though I did 5 years ago, I’m still back and fore there everyday for work!

Then came March 1st 2018. My parents were away and I was looking after the business. The heavy snow came in on the Thursday and we had to give in and close for the end of the week. On the Saturday my husband and I braved the roads to go and check on the house and as soon as we pulled into the drive I knew something was really wrong. The alarms were going off inside and we could hear running water. What we saw when we opened the front door is an image I will never forget. There was water cascading from every ceiling, and water pulsating down the walls as if the bricks had a heartbeat. In the freezing temperatures three pipes had burst in the attic (even though we had set the heating to run overnight). As you can imagine, the next few hours were a blur of panic, pushing pianos and furniture away from the worst of the water and trying to rescue as many belongings as we could. But it was a mess. Then the realisation that we needed to re house my parents and for the immediate future we had lost our business. The most stressful day!

‘It doesn’t rain, it pours’, were the words of the first worker who came to assess the damage, followed by, ‘it’s one of the worst I’ve seen’. Safe to say we knew the road to recovery was going to be a long one and there have been so many obstacles along the way. We lost all our pianos to water damage (7 of them) and many original features of the house. Now, May 2019, it’s still very much a work in progress. I said at the start I’ve always dreamed of renovating this home, and I have. It’s a Georgian property with beautiful features but it was outdated and needed a spruce up. I just never imagined it would be under these circumstances or to this scale!

I’ll leave you with some before pictures. As this whole process was completely unplanned I regrettably don’t have any pictures from before the flood, so these are some I took about a week after. The surface water at this point had drained away and so the damage is not always clear from the photographs but just know the absolute mess is a result of the flood.

The hallway

Hall 3


Hall 4

Grand Piano
One of the teaching rooms

Grand Piano 2

Oak Room
Another teaching room with the the original oak panelling

Oak Room 3

Oak Room 2

Living Room
The living room & a piano we tried to rescue!

Living Room 2


Kitchen 2

Bedroom 1
One of the bedrooms
Bedroom 2
Another bedroom

I’ll be posting more about this renovation on my blog and regular updates will be continuing over on Instagram stories, so I would love for you to come and join me there and follow the progress 🙂

Rebecca x


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