Home Office/Studio Makeover

AD – some previously gifted items: I am not obliged to share them in this post, doing so just because I love using them around my home!

Our home office is a room I’ve never shown before on my blog or Instagram. It’s never been a room I’d given attention to decor wise apart from one mad moment soon after moving in when I decided to paint it duck egg blue. There’s nothing wrong with duck egg blue; it’s just completely not me. This room has been well used – I have a Masters degree in music composition so this room has always been a home office/music studio. In more recent days it’s where I design interior schemes and write blog posts too! Mr F also makes use of this space so it was about time it had a makeover. I challenged myself to try to use what I already had at home and not to spend more than a tiny budget of £100!

I quickly snapped these ‘before’ pics as we were about to clear the space, please excuse the mess…




I used all the existing furniture adding only one new item. The room had a fresh coat of paint, I got everything organised and changed the artwork and accessories.

Here is the result…





It’s amazing how a change of wall colour can instantly update the look of a space. I opted to paint most of the room white as this flows from much of the rest of our home, but painted the alcove a soft grey to add some depth, zone the little seating area, and make the light fitting and artwork pop.


This chair from My Furniture was the only new item I bought for the office. It could work with all the existing furniture and instantly update the space with a bit of elegance. It used up the majority of my small budget, but yes it was less than £100! Linked here. The pretty french knot cushion is from By Ann Gella (previously gifted). 



You would have seen this large map print on my instagram last year. It’s from Grafomap (previously gifted), you can choose anywhere in the world to create a minimalist print and customise it yourself. I chose Monte Carlo because it’s where Mr F proposed and so this artwork has sentimental value.

The small white table you will probably instantly recognise as Ikea! I’ve had it ages and almost got rid of it, but it’s just the right size for this corner and finds purpose holding a few accessories and a cuppa once in a while. I may give it a little makeover at some point or replace it, but for now I’m happy with it as it is. The table lamp is also Ikea.




For the desk I needed something that would hold a keyboard as well as our Mac in order to do my music work. If you search music studio desks on google you get a whole host of ugly clunky masculine options that cost a small fortune. So diy was the way forward! We went to Ikea and found a simple desk wide enough to hold the keyboard. Mr F then bought some wood and metal runners and created a pull out shelf that could house the keyboard so it’s easily accessible for use but can also be tucked underneath and out of the way. Adding the shelf made the desk a little low so he added some wood painted black underneath the legs to lift the desk higher. It works perfectly, looks so much better and at a fraction of the cost!




The notice board was another diy. I wanted something that could be an ever changing mood board of photographs, inspiration images, cut outs from magazines, fabric or paint samples, art prints…whatever I fancy at the time! So I picked up this metal mesh from the garden centre in B&Q and sprayed it black – done! It’s been helpful in keeping my thoughts organised whilst working on interior projects.



My glam desk lamp is the Arabella table lamp from BHS (previously gifted). I think they only do the smaller size now, but the base is beautiful.


My stone effect pencil pot is from TKMaxx, it’s actually a toothbrush holder I had on clearance for 90p 🙂


I love this print! It’s the Bardot print from Chelsea Prints, they gifted it to me at the start of the year but with no obligation to post. I just love the vintage look and as I’ve been really enjoying my camera and photography it seems appropriate that it’s here while I’m sat editing images.



And here ends the tour of my multifunctional space. A home should cater to the needs of the people who live in it, and I now feel this room definitely does 🙂


Rebecca x


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