Inspiration from Paris: Hotel La Comtesse

It was our first visit to Paris. I’m not sure why we’ve never been but it certainly won’t be our last trip. Paris is such an amazingly elegant city and we couldn’t get enough of it! I searched high and low for a reasonably priced, beautiful hotel that was located near the main attractions – a lot to ask. We narrowed it down to three and then went with the luck of the draw and chose Hotel La Comtesse; a four star boutique hotel just two minutes walk from Jardins du Trocadero – the gardens surrounding the Eiffel Tower. We were definitely not left disappointed.

On arrival we were given an upgrade to a room with a balcony (this was the first time I’ve been upgraded and so it made for a very exciting start to our trip!) For me, having accommodation that’s a little bit special is a big part of the holiday and the interior  exceeded our expectations seamlessly blending 18th century influence with contemporary style.

Hotel comtesse 9

Classic Parisian features like the wrought iron balcony and wood paneling are paired beautifully with the simple neutral colour palette. All accommodation in Paris seems to be on the ‘petite’ side and our room was fairly small but so light and airy that it didn’t feel cramped or restricted. The decor of Hotel La Comtesse is inspired by French literacy salons which were gatherings of people meeting in small spaces, even a bedroom, to increase knowledge and be inspired.

Comtesse 8

Comtesse 7

Linen, suade and velvet textiles bring warmth to the all white scheme and the small black accents add a sophisticated edge, as you know monochrome always enthuses me.

Hotel comtesse 8

Hotel comtesse 10

Then came the all white Carrara bathroom…

Comtesse 1

A timeless design. Marble features heavily in my own home and so I was excited to get ready in this haven each morning.

Comtesse 2

Comtesse 3

Comtesse 4

Even the toiletries were perfectly chic with their minimal design.

Comtesse 5

Comtesse 6

The bathroom had french doors which also opened up onto the balcony and sheer panels of  white linen and voile which gave privacy as well as acting as a diffuser to soften the natural light as it flooded in. I loved this idea.

Hotel comtesse 11

Even whilst showering you had beautiful views of Paris rooftops!

Hotel comtesse 12

The jewel in the crown…

Hotel view

Hotel view 2

The view of the Eiffel Tower was breathtaking and even with the extremely cold temperatures I couldn’t help but sit here each morning. We felt incredibly lucky to be able to watch the light show from our room every night, it would happen on the hour between 7pm and 1am, a definite highlight of our stay.

Balcony at night

Balcony at night 2

Top tip: search around for the best prices on comparison sites rather than booking through hotel websites direct, we saved a lot!

Have you ever been to Paris? Where would you recommend staying?

Rebecca x


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