Custom Artwork For Your Home

It’s no secret that I love to use meaningful artwork in my home. In fact, I think every room has some display or gallery wall of personal memories that spark conversations. (If you haven’t seen it yet I wrote a post on how to display personal photography here.) I’m so excited to show you the latest addition to our home, a beautiful custom map of a place that has so much meaning to us; Monte Carlo.

Grafomap 2

My family got to spend a lot of time with my late Grandparents here and so it’s a special place, and the co ordinates on this map are the exact location where Mr F got down on one knee and proposed. This is such a sleek and sophisticated way to display sentimental moments, I love it!

Grafomap 3

Grafomap 6

I was able to create this poster with Grafomap. You can choose absolutely any place in the world, decide whether to go landscape or portrait, and zoom in and out until you have a design you’re happy with. Then edit the text and co ordinates so you end up with a completely unique and customised art piece that’s personal to you. Think your favourite holiday destination, the place you got married with the co ordinates of the church/venue, a gift of home for someone who is now living away, maybe even your travel goals for next year.

Grafomap 5

Grafomap 9

I loved the minimal look, but there is also a choice of different colour schemes so you can adapt it to your style.

Grafomap 21

I styled mine in my spare room, can you see the nod to formula 1? The other reason Mr F loves Monaco and approves of this new addition!

Grafomap 16

I love the whole concept; affordable, stylish, custom and personal.

Grafomap 17

Where in the world would you choose?

Rebecca x


This post is a collaboration with Grafomap, but all opinions are my own.


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