5 Creative ways to Display Photography in Your Home

Before I delve completely into my festive posts I thought this week I’d share a little about something I love to use widely in my home; personal photographs.

This is my favourite kind of art. I love to be surrounded by memories of meaningful moments or images of places that hold sentimental value. In fact, I have a collection in just about every room and they always spur reminiscent conversations when people visit. Isn’t that exactly what a home should be about?

So here are some creative ways to get those personal faves on display whilst still looking oh so stylish.


Along a walkway

kitchen gallery

Here I enlarged three photographs to line the walkway from the dining area to the kitchen. All are scenes from Monte Carlo, a place that’s very close to my heart with memories of my childhood summers and it’s also where Mr F proposed.

kitchen gallery 3

kitchen gallery 4


Layered on ledges

The other side of the room I use the radiator cover as a picture ledge to lean some photographs. Don’t place frames side by side but rather choose varying sizes and overlap them a little. Layering adds more depth and interest. (I do not recommend this one if you have young children in your home!)

Dining gallery

Dining gallery 2

Dining gallery 3


Decorate shelving

Again, a freestanding option that’s suits if, like me, you love to change things up often. Shelves are perfect for holding a collection of your perfect pics and again layering is key.

Living room candle lit shelf



Above a bed

It’s been so nice to have had comments off others who’ve been inspired by the wedding gallery in our bedroom. A group of three or five is such a nice way to fill the blank space above the bed and it also takes your eye up adding height.

Bedroom gallery 2

Bedroom gallery 1


Create a gallery Wall

These ornate frames originally held the table names at our wedding, and so I had nine ready to fill a gap! They were freestanding frames from Dunelm so I just pulled the stand arm off the back to make them wall mountable. I filled them with memories of our engagement photoshoot, holidays, and some of our favourite local places like the waterfalls and the coast. I like to use a simple grid formation for symmetry but asymmetric layouts work just as well.

spare room 1

spare room 2

spare room 3

Some of these photos were taken on our DSLR camera and others on the i phone. Printing them all in black and white doesn’t distract from your decor scheme and unites them aesthetically.

However, if you do go for coloured prints, try to collate a collection that have a similar colour palette. Here’s one of travel destinations I created for my sisters home.

Hans house

Do you have any other ways you display photographs in your home?

Rebecca x






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