DIY Christmas Garland

My parents have a beautiful hallway in their home; it’s light, airy and spacious. For as long as I can remember, every Christmas, my mother makes a beautiful garland with real greenery from the garden and twinkling fairy lights that cascades down the staircase. I used to love it more than the Christmas tree! So when we moved into our home I decided to bring something of that tradition with me.

I like to put my decorations up at the beginning of December and so real greenery may not look so magical by Christmas day. I opted to create my own look with a faux garland as a bass. Our hallway is smaller and our staircase more compact, but that doesn’t mean it can’t display a little festive glamour.

I should add that creating your own garland this way gives you so much opportunity to be unique with your decor and easily change your theme each year. This year I opted for a classic silver and white theme. It also costs less, and looks far more full than that coveted M&S or White Company garland. So here’s how…

Garland 17

It’s easy to find plain garlands online. Have a look around for something you like as you can get varying quality, but I opted for something budget friendly as most of it is covered anyway. This one here is 9ft and perfectly fine as a base to build your garland on. It’s so easy to attach it to your staircase as the branches are wired, so you can just twist them around a few spindles to hold it in place. Use garden wire if extra support is needed. Then add your fairy lights!

Garland 4

I think the trick to making a garland look deluxe is to mix foliage. I added a few stems of eucalyptus to fill things out. Trim the stem a little and just push them into the garland. You can also continue to use the eucalyptus in your faux flower displays long after Christmas has passed, a nice added bonus. Find them here.

Garland 6

Then get creative! I added a few glittering flower heads for some sparkle. I couldn’t find the exact link to these but I saw the silver flower picks in The Range recently, you’ll find plenty of options there and also in Homesense.

Garland 9

Add a few baubles that match your theme to fill things out further. You can just hang them on the branches but keep them fairly tucked in for a neat look. I also added some silver butterfly clips; use what you already have or pick up a few things in budget stores like Home Bargains, B&M or pound shops, they needn’t be expensive.

Finally add some ribbon. The secret to creating a flowing shape is to choose some that is wired so you can bend and position it easily. I like to cut my ribbon into smaller pieces and then push one end into the garland, create a few loops for movement, and then push the other end amongst the foliage too. This gives the impression that the ribbon is effortlessly weaving in and out of the greenery rather than being wrapped around and leaving the garland looking ‘trapped’. You use less ribbon this way and I think it’s far more effective. Again try The Range, B&M or e bay.

Garland 15


Garland 8

And that’s it, easy to create and so effective. Will you be adorning your staircase this Christmas? If you do, tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see!

Rebecca x

Garland 14



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