Quick And Easy Ways To Update Your Home For Spring

We all like to refresh our wardrobe for the new season, switching up the chunky knits for that floaty tea dress, so why not also refresh our homes?

Here’s how I update my home for Spring…

Create Space

I always get a strong urge at this time of year to minimise. I declutter my wardrobe and also my home decor. Anything unnecessary that I’ve accumulated over the past year gets passed on, sold, or sent to the charity shop. I also do a purge when it comes to shelf styling or items displayed on any surface around the home. Removing a few items here and there creating visible space helps that bright and airy spring feel. You don’t have to display every treasured item all at once, select a few and store the rest, then in a few months you can always rotate and your home has a whole new feel again.

Canvasbutik 2


Change some cushion covers and swap/remove your throws (although I always keep a warm one close by with our unpredictable British weather!). Think less velvet and fur, more cotton and linen. You could even go a step further and change heavier curtains for light weight sheer drapes to maximise all that extra natural light. Here is my living room with its winter decor…

winter decor 5

And with a few updates for spring…

spring 2

It’s subtle, but enough to lift the mood, just how I like it.

Add something floral/tropical

Try some seasonal artwork. I’ve been using this palm leaf print from *Post Me A Print and these rose and peony prints from *Canvasbutik. Even in my monochrome scheme they work so well adding a hint of colour that’s just enough!

shelfie 2



I usually go for white roses, faux or fresh. But this time of year I’ll bring out my faux white hydrangeas or faux pink peonies from Homesense.

Living Room 25

When May comes I’ll be on the hunt for beautiful bunches of fresh peonies, there’s nothing like it 🙂

peonies 2

Find A New Fragrance

Your home will always feel amazing when it’s beautifully fragranced. My new scent for the season is *Daisy Blue Candles Dark Pomegranate. Some may prefer to go for something more floral but personally I prefer a deep warm fragrance anytime of year and this one is beautiful! I’ve also heard amazing things about Thai Lemongrass if you prefer fresh and spa-like – that one is next on my list.

close up brighter


Another option you need to check out is the Fox and Ivy range from Tescos. My go to last year was the Silver and Coconut candle, it smells so luxurious. I thought they’d discontinued it so I was so happy when I recently discovered it on the shelves again! I’ve just started trying out the reed diffuser, and whilst it’s still the same gorgeous scent it’s not as strong, so the candle is definitely the winner for me.

tesco diffuser

And that’s it!

Do you change decor in your home for the seasons? Or do you like to keep things familiar all year round?

Rebecca x


Disclaimer: * items gifted for me to try, but I will only ever recommend products that I love and would use myself.






4 Replies to “Quick And Easy Ways To Update Your Home For Spring”

  1. Great post! Love how you make subtle changes but they make a big difference in the feel of the room. I’m definitely the same as you, in terms of decluttering when spring comes along! X


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