7 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Feel Luxurious


Extremely comfortable or elegant, especially when involving great expense.

That’s how the Oxford dictionary defines luxurious; however I believe these 7 simple ideas can give home a touch of luxury without the ‘involving great expense’ part.



A cluttered home creates an atmosphere of unrest and makes a space feel unfocused. I try to live by the quote:

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful (William Morris)

If everything has its place, each item can be put away after use making a tidy and serene home more achievable; and we all know the saying, tidy home, tidy mind.


bedside accessories


Hang Curtains High and Long

I mentioned this in my living room tour which you can read here. Even on smaller windows hang your curtains just below the ceiling and keep them floor length. It gives the illusion of a bigger window, adds height to a room, and the extra fabric looks more expensive (even if your curtains are Ikea!)


bedroom 2


A Large Rug

Go as big as you can. A larger rug, that preferably extends just under your sofa, grounds a seating area and adds depth and texture. As well as feeling super cosy underfoot, this will always look more expensive than a small rug in the centre of a larger surrounding space.


large rug


Soft Furnishings

Add layers of cushions and throws to your sofa and bed. Think faux fur, chunky knits or velvet rather than cheaper micro fleece fabric.


Bedroom autumn



Real or faux, a beautiful bouquet placed on a clutter free surface brings a touch of elegance. A small bouquet on your coffee table, a dining table centrepiece, or even a single stem on your bedside table.


candle hydrangeas


Statement Lighting

Oversized lighting, even in a smaller room, can add drama. A large pendant over a dining table or statement lamps either side of the bed can exude luxury.


dining room autumn 5



Reed diffusers, wax melts, scented candles… whatever your method of choice a beautifully fragranced room can instantly change your mood and bring a little comforting bliss.



coffee table vignette


What are your little home luxuries?

Rebecca x



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